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Pavements and walls

Group A1 plans the functional and harmonious integration of the plots and walls with the vegetation and the structure of the ground. Adding such elements to your décor will dramatically alter the landscape of your property. Paving and walls will give prestige and value to your home. The solutions developed by the professionals of the Group A1 are sustainable.
Put your trust in A1 Group's know-how and experience for the enhancement of your home as well as the realization of your paving stones and walls.

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Sod Laying

Grass rollers is an excellent alternative for sowing as it instantly provides homeowners with a dense, thick, and sturdy lawn. Group A1 take care when installing turf rolls (100% Kentucky Bluegrass) to ensure proper and timely rooting to the leveled ground surface below.

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Wooden Patios

Wooden patios allow you to expand space and living amenities from the inside to the outside. Using your architectural style home and an overall landscape plan, Group A1 is preparing a custom design that showcases beauty and quality. With wooden patio decks, a wide variety of styles, sizes, ramps and materials can be explored to create a truly unique fit.

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The layout of a kitchen, living room or kitchen BBQ platform will allow you to fully enjoy the warm season surrounded by people you love. The design and implementation of your dream yard will be all along according to your requirements. Depending on your needs and your style, your outdoor living environment will be intimate, festive, family or serene.

Trust the know-how and experience of development specialists in Group A1 for landscaping of your backyard.

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