Landscaping and maintenance, snow removal, installation and repair of asphalt and paving stones - Laval, Montréal


Group A1 is a customer-oriented landscaping company, and we love what we do. It is what we are. We believe in providing an investment in the lives of our customers by creating lasting and positive impressions.

Going through our organization is a strong sense of obligation to create a job that is both honest and original. This is our goal - and why we exist as a society. Together, we want to elevate to a reputation that is supported by our performance; organic growth by customer references; and the most important landscape design solutions, conceptually and visually interesting impregnable.

Group A1 employs a number of uniformed professional teams who are trained on an ongoing basis, which of course allows us to meet and exceed industry standards for quality and service. We operate with the belief that together, process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

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