Asphalt Installation, parking, entrance, repair - Laval, Montréal

Asphalt is a material often used for paving the entrance.
We have the equipment to carry out your residential and commercial projects.

Steps for the asphalt Installation, escavation border entry - Laval, Montréal


Step by step to install a new asphalt:

  1. Excavation of 12 inches
  2. 12 inch crushed stone fill
  3. Leveling and proper slope
  4. Universal borders or paving stones if necessary
  5. Paving and compaction of 2.5 inches of asphalt (after compaction of 2 inches)

Our advices

Concerning the type of asphalt, we offer asphalt MB5 because it contains more stones and is therefore more resistant. (14mm gravel). MB6 Asphalt has a smoother finish but is still more fragile because the type of gravel used is thinner. (6mm). All work is guaranteed. Contact us for more information.

Asphalt Repair, Damage, Cracks, Asphalt Experts - Laval, Montréal

When your asphalt needs repair, rest assured that Groupe A1 is the best company to do the job properly. We have the experience that will allow us to fully identify the cause of the problem and to remedy it effectively and quickly.

Asphalt repair, deep cleaning, long term - Laval, Montréal

Repair Procedure

Step by step to repair asphalt:

  1. Cleaning and preparation of the surface to be repaired
  2. Application of ciment on the contour to ensure better adhesion
  3. Hot asphalt application and compaction


  • Protection of the base and the sub-base
  • Prevents the spread of damage to healthy areas
  • Eliminates the damaging effects of oil stains
  • Entry will last longer

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